Why getting dressed in the morning holds the key to productivity

Article by Melanie Potro

female leader working from home, entrepreneur, woman on her phoneHere is my question: if you are getting ready for bed, why would you not get ready to work in the morning?

We are all creatures of habit? This is a simple truth. It might be a distant memory now, but back in January last year, most of us had a structured day. Alarm, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, commute – work – and returning home – see family and leisure time. Maybe you had the first coffee break at 10am and an espresso around 3pm, to keep you going.

Getting ready and leaving the house to go to work has always been a daily routine for most of us. When the first lockdown hit last March, it was springtime and many of us were excited to have an hour ‘extra hour’ before starting to WFH.  An hour we had previously ‘lost’ due to commuting was repurposed for morning exercise, both indoors and outdoors. I used this hour to start running most mornings. A new ritual.

A year on, isolation has taken its toll and WFH on a cold winter day during lockdown #3 feels very different from the joys of spring. And many of us have been struggling to stay fit – mentally and physically as motivation slides.

So, here is the thing. Routines are vital to keep you energised.

When looking in the mirror and you see someone who is still in their pjs, what message are you sending to yourself?

For me it’s very clear: it’s the reflection of someone who can’t be bothered.

The only way to get out of a slump is by seizing back control of your day, by structuring and looking after your wellbeing. Dressing well plays a big part in this.

It’s the same as going to your weekly exercise class. Initially, it might seem like a ‘drag’ to go before or after a long day’s work. However, after the exercise, you feel invigorated, healthy and ready to face life’s slings and arrows.

Getting dressed in the morning is no different. Because the way you dress has an impact on how you feel. By putting on a nice outfit, you can lift your mood and motivate yourself to focus on the tasks at hand.

You can structure your day and prepare for client meetings with a renewed purpose. And once you’re finished your work, you can change into something more comfortable, creating a clear division between work and leisure time.

You can look forward to after-work activities such as going for a walk, spending time with your children or binge-watching Bridgerton on Netflix.

And here is another silver lining:  why not use WFH during lockdown as an opportunity to develop your own signature style? Try out new colours or explore a different style, that you weren’t yet confident to wear in the office. Seeing yourself in a Zoom call, you might notice that certain colours work better for you than others. What kind of clothes make you feel confident?

Create a wardrobe that feels great every day of the week – whether you are working from home or in the office.

This way, you can look forward to getting dressed every morning with the right mindset.

Always remember that the way you dress shapes how you feel about yourself, how you

Interact with others and adds a professional touch to your work.

About the author

Melanie Potro Melanie’s practical knowledge and expertise as a personal brand stylist is borne from working very closely with women of all shapes and sizes for the past 25 years. Trained in her native Germany, Melanie spent many years creating costumes for international Ballet productions such as ‘the Bolshoi’ and the ‘Met’, before moving to London, where she ran her own Bridal Couture Company for 15 years. Finding your visual identity can transform the way we interact and present ourselves.

‘I love seeing the transformation of women once they have found their true style… and become the best version of themselves.’


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