Top tips and apps to save your time every day, and how to be more productive at work

By Digital Marketing Consultancy Your Brand Found With workloads becoming increasingly big and job expectations higher, the days can often run away from you. The agony of feeling like you have failed to accomplish everything on your to-do list to a decent standard can leave even the most confident of people feeling both overwhelmed and...
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How positive procrastination can skyrocket your productivity

Technology has empowered us to get a lot more done, especially over the last decade or so. Businesses are seamlessly integrated with lightning-fast internet, on-the-go apps and Cloud-based software. As a result, it feels like we can do anything. But feeling like you can do anything means you often feel you have to do everything....
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In the age of flexible working, why are we still so stressed?

  It is widely accepted that a happier, healthier workforce is a more productive, efficient workforce.  Yet increasingly the media paints a picture of a reality at odds with this; the Office of National Statistics has highlighted Britain’s poor productivity compared with other leading western economies. Stress is flourishing in high-pressure workplaces such as law firms, banks, and financial services companies. Work-life...
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Boosting productivity for a 4pm finish (F)

Can part-time employees increase business productivity?

By Rachel King, Marketing Director at Breathe Flexible working is still divisive. You’re either someone who understands its benefits, potential and importance, or you’re someone who geers at working from home, unable to trust people will actually work if they don’t have someone watching over them. Indeed, studies show how part-time working mothers often end...
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How to be more productive at work in the New Year

A brand new year is a glorious opportunity to reset your approach to work. Though it’s easy to list a hundred lofty ambitions on 1st January, we can easily lose track as the year rolls on and our optimistic ambitions sometimes prove tough to realise. By keeping things simple you’ll be far more likely to...
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Nine productivity mistakes you’re making in the first ten minutes of your work day | Infographic

You grab a coffee on your way to work and make sure to check your emails before it’s time for the daily all-hands meeting. When the meeting is over, you head back to your desk and sit down to jot down your to-do list for the day. Research suggests that you’re getting your day off...
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Does exercise make you more productive?

Written by Conor McArdle, Brighter Business In a health-conscious society, we are increasingly aware of our lifestyles and the importance of trying to stay healthy. For many workers across the UK, day-to-day work involves spending a great deal of time sat down. Whether you’re in the office or on your way in, chances are you’re...
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How to get the best out of your team

As a high performance consultant, I spend a lot of time exploring how organisations can boost team productivity, engagement and results on a sustainable and healthy basis. Ironically, there are basic steps that can be taken to achieve this vision and yet these are often overlooked and underestimated. So here are three simple and (you’ll...
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