Why it’s important to remain active on social channels during challenging times

Article by Rahme Mehmet, managing director at TechComms

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Networking in the traditional sense is on pause, but digital networking via LinkedIn and other social channels is the next best option while we continue to stay at home to stay safe.

Now is a good time to strengthen your social presence, participate in a group and actively connect with others. One of the good things we’ve seen during this time is that people are more open to show themselves less staged and more ‘in real life’ on LinkedIn. Sharing short videos has become more frequent, as well as sharing stories about their experience during this time. For example, at TechComms we’ve been posting our lockdown stories on Facebook, and we recently launched our first podcast to introduce TechComms and explain a little about who we are and our aspirations.

There are so many groups to join on social media platforms. Finding a business and professional association, or your college or university alumni to join could lead to new connections and will give you a forum for sharing your expertise or advice with others. It’s a great way to not only network but also make valuable connections that can serve you well in your career and life.

Making an effort to expand your circle in business-oriented environments will build trusted relationships with other professionals who may be in need of your services or could refer you to businesses that would benefit from them.

With more industry events now being hosted virtually, more people are communicating about their presence at events on social media. Following on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram is a good way to stay connected to what is happening in your industry.

Expand your circle of connections by reaching out to former colleagues or clients via LinkedIn. It’s also important to invest the time to make sure your profile is up-to-date and is showcasing your talents. Think of your LinkedIn profile as the next best thing to an in-person interview. Take the time to make it more personal about your passions (why you love what you do) and detail your areas of expertise.

Once you create or update your profile, you can build a following with targeted LinkedIn posts that share news, industry articles, and your own point of view on trends and the latest hot topics.

By nature, humans crave connection. The emotional impact of limited face-to-face connecting during this time has made a sense of community, which social channels cultivate, even more important to buoy our spirits and remind us that we’re not alone in this experience.

About the author

Rahme MehmetRahme, the founder and managing director of TechComms, brings a wealth of solid experience in creating, directing and managing strategic communications campaigns for leading technology clients across the globe. With over 18 years’ experience in the technology communications sector, she uses her extensive contacts in the media and analyst community and knowledge of PR and AR best practices to help clients consistently achieve optimal results.

Rahme believes in bringing together experienced, self-motivated and best-of-class experts to help TechComms clients achieve success. Rahme started her career as a research analyst for InfoTrends, and has strong analyst expertise which she taps into when commissioning and managing projects to meet her client’s objectives. Her client successes include press coverage in national titles, including The Telegraph, Financial Times, and BBC Click, as well as across business and vertical sectors, and coverage in influential analyst reports such as Gartner, IDC, Strategy Analytics, Juniper Research and Analysys Mason.

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