Women in Management (WiM) Network

WIMLogoNew (07-22-12-09-18-54)Women in Management (WiM) is a national voluntary organisation established in 1969 to address the key issues affecting women managers and womens’ management today and works to provide opportunities for its members to further develop their potential and life chances.

With groups across the UK WiM offers a varied programme of events and development activities to support the aspirations and ambitions of women and girls of all ages, cultures, ethnicity, religions, gender or sexual orientation.

In addition WiM offers our members:

  • A supportive, dynamic environment for women managers from all sectors;
  • The exchange of ideas, good practice and impartial practical advice;
  • Horizon, our Mentoring Scheme;
  • Pathways to Success;
  • CPD Certification for some of our events and training programmes, where appropriate;
  • The opportunity to volunteer and develop skills in areas, which can be used all areas of ones life and career;
  • The opportunity to meet like-minded people, to develop contacts and associations;
  • The opportunity to reach your true potential.

We are continually developing our offer and benefits for our members.  You can find out more about what our members are doing, through our group discussions, forums, events and programmes by exploring the pages of our website.

We look forward to meeting you at one our many events, development training programme or activities. Be among the many girls and women who are working to achieve their true potential by joining our network today.

Click here to visit the WiM website and join today!

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