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Network Spotlight: #STEMConnext

Tell us a bit about your network (including when you were founded and why, how many members, who leads the network, anything on your committees). I lead two networks: Women in Tech @Three was founded in 2016 by Trudie Fell and I took over the helm in September 2018. The group is for employees of...
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Becoming a ‘tightrope walker’

As a child I saw my mother, the first female manager at a utilities-sector consulting firm, face significant gender bias at work. Both men and women struggled to accept her as a woman in a position of authority. My mother developed a thick skin in order to deal with the micro-aggressions that she encountered in...
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Backed by the nationally acclaimed business network for mums, mumsclub, Tracey Hurst has organised a start up business networking group and is inviting women from the local area to attend (with children!) to learn more about starting and growing a business from home. Launching our local non-profit mumsclub group will be an essential and fantastic...
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First Ladies Network

Welcome to First Ladies; London’s first ever ladies’-only private members concierge. We are a three-part concierge, with a Lifestyle Concierge offering lifestyle services to help you have time to bring more luxury into your life, to go to service providers you know have been tried and tested before they recommended and to use lifestyle services you may...
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Women 1st

Women 1st wants to transform the face of boards in hospitality, passenger transport, travel and tourism, and support women who aspire to senior leadership roles to fulfill their career ambitions. While women make up almost 60% of the hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism workforce, just six percent of board-level directors are female. In passenger transport,...
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Women in Management (WiM) Network

Women in Management (WiM) is a national voluntary organisation established in 1969 to address the key issues affecting women managers and womens’ management today and works to provide opportunities for its members to further develop their potential and life chances. With groups across the UK WiM offers a varied programme of events and development activities...
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W3BF | Worldwide Women in Banking and Finance Network

A global network of women in banking and finance, affording pathways to new business opportunities, increased knowledge, skills and shared experiences. W3BF is a not-for –profit member-based organisation dedicated to focussing on women in banking and financial services worldwide. Unlike other women- focussed programmes W3BF is dedicated primarily to women who make up the majority...
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The Wonder Women Network

The Wonder Women Network is a network of ‘wonder women’ entrepreneurs, living & working in the Greenwich & Lewisham boroughs. The Wonder Women Network connects its members with each other – via regular networking events – and passionately promotes them to their local customer base. If you don’t have the time or inclination for that...
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