10 Alternative To Smoking | Infographic

The world of work can be stressful. Many people see smoking as the release they need to deal with pressured situations in the office; be it clients or colleagues, it’s a feeling that is so familiar.

Although you technically have 20 minutes during your day for rest, many over run on this break time but many aren’t aware of all the alternatives to smoking they could try if this is the case. This infographic from Phoenix eLiquid looks to offer substitutes from gum right through to hypnotherapy that could help with the habit. Aside from the obvious, swapping the stick for the likes of vaping has said to be much better for your health as well as acting as a bridge to quitting altogether.

World No Tobacco Day highlights the importance of your health, particularly where work is concerned, so why not try something different?

Smoking: What Provided by Phoenix Electronic Cigarettes


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