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Michelle Brailsford heads up the London arm of the European Professional Women’s Network.   European Professional Women’s Networkis a vibrant growing pan-European federation of more than 17 women’s network. Our common objective is to provide women with the tools, networks and support they need to assume leadership. We aim to share knowledge across Europe, and are participating in several Europe-wide initiatives. We combine a sophisticated online networking platform, linking several thousand business women across Europe, with regular, offline events in many cities across Europe.

For women: we provide a cross-sectoral networking and training platform for professional women with an international outlook.   For companies: we provide a network for their high-potential managers and a unique source of best practice across Europe.  For Networks: we provide a highly sophisticated online platform that removes a considerable amount of the back office administrative functions that take up so much volunteer energy in many associations. Member networks have among other access to: full member directory, online event calendars and registration, management of new member applications, online payment for membership and events.

EuropeanPWN–London’s vision
To be the network of choice for women who want to make connections… beyond boundaries

Our mission
Promote the professional progress of women through all their career phases, from potential through the pipeline to power by networking, mentoring and training Promote sustainable professional career paths for all by working to disseminate information on innovative best practices.  Encourage companies to recognize the necessity of diverse and innovative management approaches and the need to maximize the human and creative potential of all employees by promoting women’s success stories (what they did new and differently)
Raise the volume of European women’s voices by increasing women’s presence in the media and public life (conferences, think tanks….)

For more information or to register, please visit www.EuropeanPWN.net/london

For more information about EPWN-London, visit http://www.europeanpwn.net/epwn_london

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