Women in the law | Rebalancing the books | Infographic

Over 60 per cent of law graduates are female but only 30 per cent of partners in law firms are female. Explore how females are rapidly rebalancing the books and taking a lead in the legal profession! Infographic provided by Legalo Ltd the online legal  resource – legalo.co.uk
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Get Social for Business Success2

Can you be professional and personal on social media?

Personal relationships have always played a role in winning new business. The way in which people interact, especially via social media, has had a profound impact on the quality and depth of business relationships. More and more people are realising that the extra interaction now possible online can help reinforce and build relationships. It keeps...
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Three inspirational professional women from over 100 years ago

The world is full of inspiring professional women: Angela Ahrendts, Ursula Burns, Ho Ching – just to begin to list the As, Bs and Cs. While the playing field is still by no means level, for the first time in history women are allowed and even encouraged to realise their potential as entrepreneurs, innovators and...
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wonder woman

Four wonder women you need to have in your professional network

It’s difficult to get by in this world alone. That’s what we have friends for — to talk to and debrief with, over a glass of wine or cup of coffee, or whatever your poison might be. A sense of support is the fundamental aspect of our friendships, after all; we rely on them to...
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change woman thinking while writing in diary featured

Reinvent yourself and become a true professional

The end of the year presents the perfect opportunity to reflect on your career. You may have started a new role during the year or been in your role for some time. Whichever is the case for you, the down time at Christmas offers ample time to reenergise and come back with a bang in...
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EXECSec Summit rebrands as PA Life Summit

The EXECSec Summit has rebranded this year to the PA Life Summit. Hosting professionals within the PA community, for collaboration and networking opportunities, the summit is almost a decade old. PA Life Publisher Katy Phillips, said: “PA Life is experiencing major growth right now. We’ve seen record numbers of PAs sign up to receive the...
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woman in her 50's working in office

Record number of working women aged 50-64 in employment government report reveals

Working women aged 50-64 are more likely to be in employment now than at any time in the last 30 years, according to statistics released by the government today. According to the report women aged 50-64 in employment stands at a record high of 64.2% this year compared to 41.9% in 1985. The report found...
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07/05/2015 – Business Breakthrough Webinar

Are you struggling to: Attract more clients Work less hours Experience less stress and struggle and Make more money Then you need a Business Breakthrough! Make no mistake, some days you may feel like a hamster on a running wheel unable to slow down and feeling like your efforts are not moving your business in...
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