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University of Oxford

Oxford’s remarkable global appeal continues to grow. Students from more than a hundred and forty countries and territories make up a student population of over twenty thousand. Over a third comes from outside the United Kingdom. A brief history of the University As the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford is a unique and...
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How to Keep Growing in Your Career

The assumption we’re going to make at the outset is that you know you have to keep growing in your career. If you want a frightening metaphor, think of swimming in a rising tide, where you absolutely understand why you have to be fit enough to live with the increasingly difficult conditions you find yourself...
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Get Involved: Creative ways to raise money for charity

Raising money for charity is now easier than ever thanks to far-reaching social communities available on the web. Through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter and fundraising sites like Just Giving and Crowdrise, putting donors in touch with reciprocates has never been easier. There are all sorts of ways to raise money for...
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4 simple ways to manage stress

Stress is something we can all relate to and is something that we all experience to some degree or another on a daily basis. Stress comes in all shapes and sizes and is experienced differently from one person to the next. For some people just the thought of delivering a presentation to a room full...
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Young couple - Tower Bridge London

Young, Ambitious and Looking for a Place to Call Home? Here’s Where to Live in London

If you’re a young professional looking to hit the big time, then everybody knows that London is the place to be. Cosmopolitan, fast-paced, and cutthroat, it’s filled with a miasma of opportunities for the ambitious and the opportunistic. For those unfamiliar with the city, however, the thought of moving to the capital can be as...
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Inspirational videos: The Mask You Live In

WeAreTheCity are proud to share the following inspirational short films. These carefully selected clips all focus on female empowerment and highlight issues that are faced by so many women all over the world. We hope you feel both inspired and motivated watching these amazing films and we would also like to take this opportunity to...
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Time to drive your career forward with WeAreTheCity’s Careers Club

WeAreTheCity is proud to offer a 15% membership discount to all existing WeAreTheCity members until 31st January 2015. The team at WeAreTheCity created Careers Club back in October as a 1 year programme to provide women with the key skills they need to drive their careers forward. Our new and exciting club is a high...
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Why do women hate shopping with men?

Ok ladies so the lovely Munir told us how men feel when they come shopping with us, he even gave us some great suggestions on how to keep our men happy. But what about how we feel? There is something about shopping that gets our blood pumping. Whether you have an eye for things and...
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