7 Unusual but Surprisingly Successful Career Choices for Women

tournament-ride-379030_1280Have you ever thought about the whys and wherefores that motivate the people who make unusual career choices? We have. In fact, we were so interested that we decided to write this article just for you, about some of the most unusual, interesting or quirky career choices made by women.

So, to start, what drives us to deviate from the normal career path? The reasons for embarking on a job that breaks the normal mould can be many and varied, from a desire to make money, to a passion or yearning to do something we love – however odd the hobby that’s prompted it.

Sometimes, amazingly, these odd choices can turn out to be brilliant, because those who embark on them show exceptional talent or offer a service that nobody else does. Here are some unusual yet successful career choices made by inspirational women who refuse to be confined by societal conventions.

Voice-Over Work

An average voice-over artist commands around £180 for just 5 minutes work. One of the most successful female voice-over artists is Grey DeLisle, whose voice featured in Bolt, Popeye, Star Wars, Scooby Doo and Kung Fu Panda, amongst others, who is estimated to be worth millions. Even novices can expect to make around £45,000 per year.

TV Show Writer

For many people, holding the strings when it comes to plotlines and character interactions on our favourite shows sounds like a dream job, but it’s no easy task. Securing such a role, however, can be harder than the actual job, as there are far fewer positions than there are talented writers. If you do manage to secure employment as a writer for the small screen, either because you have the right contacts or you send a sample script that wows, then you can look forward to an average salary of £25,000 to £50,000.

Odour Tester

If you think that your job stinks, then try being an odour tester. An odour tester is responsible for checking the efficiency of deodorants and antiperspirants by sniffing the test subject’s armpits. Their endeavours mean that we can count on our deodorant not to fail us even in the most stressful situations, in a sweltering boardroom or when we’re slogging it out at the gym. The average odour tester is paid between £25,000 and £75,000.


The role of a birth doula is to teach mothers-to-be special birthing techniques, and act as their advocate during labour. Once the baby is born, a doula will be expected to provide emotional and physical support, and educate the new parents on coping strategies. An average doula will earn around £500 per birth.

Submarine Cook

If you have a passion for cooking and a love of the high seas, then have you ever considered becoming a submarine cook? For the women who have, salaries start at around £110,000 – pretty competitive, right? Provided you have around six years’ experience of sailing the world and cooking for a crew of hundreds, you might want to give it a go too.

Professional Horse Rider

Every little girl dreams of having a pony, and those that are lucky enough to have their wish granted almost always hope that they’ll one day be a famous professional horse rider at the top of their game. Some lucky little girls grow into women fortunate enough to turn their hobby into a career, and the very best can earn up to £1 million per year, mainly through sponsorship from companies, prize money and clinics. For example Equiform Nutrition sponsored female rider Lucy Carver, Leading Pony Show jumper of the year at the Horse of The Year show.

Lipstick Reader

A lipstick reader is a little like a tea leaf or palm reader – except that she interprets the futures of other women based on their lip prints. An average lipstick reader will earn anywhere from £15 to £30 per hour. 

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