Do You Know How to Get Ahead of the Crowd?

With an incredibly competitive job market throughout the entire country, you’ve got to do more than ever before to secure that job. Applications for every job are increasing and this means if you don’t stand out, you might not make it past the shortlisting stage. The sheer number of CV’s an employer has to go through is daunting and unless you’re one of the first in the pile, you might suffer from a lack of interest. Capture the attention of every potential employer by following this advice.

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Proving your worth

You have an array of resources to make use of in your job search. Social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter and – especially – LinkedIn are excellent ways to showcase your skills, interests and your personality. Employers are not just looking for the skills needed for the job at hand but they want to ensure the person will fit in with the team and company. Keep your profiles clean and professional – we may enjoy a few drinks on the weekend to unwind but employers don’t need to see it!

Depending on the job, look at other ways to spread your CV. Video and audio files are different and might catch an employer’s interest more than another piece of paper on their desk. Not only that, it shows you can keep up, adapt and be creative in your approach. This can be very useful for a range of jobs.

Highlight your relevant skills as much as possible. Tailor every application to get the most out of yourself and what you can do. Some of your past jobs might not be relevant but work experience, voluntary work and other activities that show your commitment and hard work will be of use. Make yourself as appealing as possible for every application.

Aiming high

Stating that you want to be a world leader, or take over the company you would like to work for are not necessarily the best goals. In some situations, it could be humorous but other times it will be arrogant and employers won’t like that. Be realistic with your goals and don’t be afraid to aim high – especially if you can say how you imagine getting there in the future.

Being ambitious is a great quality because it shows you will work hard and deliver results, which is what employers want. To go one step further, show how your goals are achievable within the company you want to work for. This show’s you’ve done your research, have things to offer and want to commit to the company long-term. Never forget to highlight what you can do for the company as well as what they can do for you!

Finding the right support

Sometimes, having someone in your corner can make the difference. Not only can this turn the tide in your favour but you can take advantage of extra contacts and opportunities they may find. Whether this is a friend or person in the industry, or a recruitment consultant you’ve registered with, they can make a big difference.

They can also help you refine your CV, cover letter, skills and interview experience to make sure you are completely ready for anything that will come up. The confidence you can gain from this is essential and you will be able to take advantage of any and every opportunity that comes your way.

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