Breaking into marketing might seem tough if you’ve never worked in it before. But it’s not as hard as you think. You can start a new career in marketing with some dedication and the right steps.

Many people have done it before and you can too. In this guide, we will show you the essentials, what you need to learn, how to build skills, ways to connect with others and tips for applying for jobs.

Start with self-education

Learn the basics: Dive into the basics of marketing. You can find numerous free resources online such as blogs, podcasts and introductory courses on platforms like Coursera or National Careers. Focus on understanding different marketing strategies, digital marketing, content marketing and social media marketing.

Stay updated: Follow marketing news and trends. Websites like Marketing Donut or HubSpot offer a wealth of up-to-date information. This will help you speak knowledgeably about the industry.

Build practical skills

Experiment: Start your own blog, create a social media page or volunteer to manage a friend’s business account. Real-life application of what you’ve learned will solidify your skills and give you something tangible to show potential employers.

Learn to use tools: Familiarise yourself with key marketing tools like Google Analytics or Mailchimp. These are commonly used in many marketing roles and having hands-on experience can be a significant advantage.


Join Groups: Participate in online forums and local meetups where marketers gather. Websites like can help you find groups near you.

Social Media Networking: LinkedIn is crucial for professional networking. Join marketing-related groups, participate in discussions and connect with marketing professionals.

Create a portfolio

Showcase your work: As you experiment and work on different projects, gather the results and feedback into a portfolio. This can be a digital collection that shows your ability to plan and execute marketing strategies.

Gain experience

Internships and volunteer work: Look for internships in marketing departments. Even if they’re unpaid, the experience and networking opportunities are invaluable. Alternatively, many nonprofits look for volunteer marketing help.

Freelance: Sites like Upwork and Freelancer can provide opportunities to work on real projects. This not only builds experience but also helps in building a professional network.

Apply smart

Tailor your applications: When applying for jobs, tailor your CV and cover letter to highlight relevant experience and skills. Focus on how your unique background has prepared you to excel in a marketing role.

Be persistent: Don’t get discouraged by rejections. Marketing is a competitive field and persistence is key. Keep learning, adapting and applying.


Starting a career in marketing without prior experience is challenging but achievable with the right strategy. By educating yourself about marketing fundamentals, gaining hands-on experience through personal projects or volunteering and leveraging the power of networking, you can significantly improve your chances of breaking into the field.

Showcase your work in a portfolio, be persistent in your job applications and always be eager to learn and adapt. With persistence and dedication, you can not only enter the marketing industry but also thrive in it, bringing fresh ideas and unique perspectives that employers value.

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