Donald Trump: A year on, what has changed for women?

Donald Trump wall

It has been one year since Donald Trump claimed election victory and became the 45th President of the United States.

Donald Trump entered the 2016 Presidential race as a Republican and went on to beat his rival, Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton in a surprise victory. After eight years of service as leader of the United States, Barack Obama handed over his position to Trump on 20 January.

However, Trump’s victory wasn’t music to everyone’s ears, as thousands took to the streets to protest against the new President. The protests aimed to give a voice to those who feared it would be lost, specifically on issues such as women’s rights, LGBT rights, immigrant rights and reproductive rights amongst others.

Trump presidency has faced many criticisms and controversy and has been under constant scrutiny. He has sought to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act; he ordered a travel ban on citizens from various countries; and questions still remain over his potential links between Russia and his campaign associates.

Trump tweeted his thanks of support, saying, “Congratulations to all of the “DEPLORABLES” and the millions of people who gave us a MASSIVE (304-227) Electoral College Landslide victory [sic],” alongside a picture of himself, four men and just one woman.

But what has Trump done in those 365 days? WeAreTheCity take a look back through the year.


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