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UK campaigners, #EthnicityPayGap have announced the launch of Ethnicity Pay Gap Day on 8th January 2021.

The day supports the efforts of the #EthnicityPayGap campaign which has been running for over two years. The campaign calls for companies to report their ethnicity pay gap, as companies now have to report their gender pay gap.

Last week, the government confirmed plans to debate Ethnicity Pay Gap reporting, after over 100,000 individuals signed a petition back in June 2020. However, no date has yet been set for the debate.

In October 2020, the ONS reported that there is 23.8 per cent ethnicity pay gap in London, 12.7 per cent in Yorkshire & Humberside and 10.3 per cent in Scotland.

In 2019, 15 companies signed a commitment to work towards mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting, as part of INvolve’s campaign. Signatories included the Bank of England, Deloitte, KPMG, WPP, Santander, Lloyds of London, Sodexo and EY.

The UK’s BITC (Business in The Community) Race at Work Charter, also calls for mandatory Ethnicity Pay Gap reporting, with many companies including ALDI, MI6 and Vodafone UK, already pledging their support.

Speaking about the day, Dianne Greyson, founder of the UK’s #EthnicityPayGap Campaign said, “The importance of this day will not be lost on those who have fought to secure reporting of the Gender Pay Gap.”

“Neither will it be lost on others who are fighting various types of discrimination.”

“As the founder of the #EthnicityPayGap campaign, I thought it fitting to have a specific day to really raise awareness of this issue, moreover, insist on action from government to make Ethnicity Pay Gap reporting mandatory and to seek resolution to close it.”

WeAreTheCity are proud to support the #EthnicityPayGap campaign. You too can help support the campaign – follow the campaign on Twitter; join the #EthnicityPayGap webinar on 7th January 2021; or order an #EthnicityPayGap t-shirt here.

Find out more about Ethnicity Pay Gap Day and how to get involved below:

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