#EthnicityPayGap | Dianne Greyson

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Article extract provided by Dianne Greyson

In April 2018 I wrote an article about the Ethnicity Pay Gap.

I wrote the article to raise awareness about the issue. It received great response and it made me realise more needed to be done.

Whenever possible I shared my views on the subject using the hashtag that I created #EthnicityPayGap and asked others to follow suit to raise the profile. As I continued talking and writing about the topic I began to realise months had passed and not much had changed, that is when I hit upon a great idea.

Although in my head I thought it was a good idea I wondered how it would be perceived. I am not one who believes in making myself the brand but I knew I had to do something. It was then I decided to design a T-shirt using the hashtag that I created to show my support in raising the issue. I took a photo of myself in the T-shirt and posted it on LinkedIn…


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