Finding a job you love is not as tough as you think

Boost your chance of employment success with a perfect cover letter

When looking for a job, we all share the same goal: to find a job you love.

Easier said than done, perhaps, when we must juggle our current responsibilities with our search for that perfect role. Maybe you’ve been to a few interviews and didn’t feel they were the right fit, or maybe you’re simply daydreaming at your desk about the opportunities that could be out there. In any case, there are a few proactive steps you can take to get you closer to the job of your dreams.

Enhance your employee proposition

In a highly competitive talent landscape, every employer wants to get their hands on the best and brightest. Rather than restricting their reach to the pool of active candidates, hiring managers will seek to engage passive talent – candidates whose skills, experience and personal brand perfectly mirrors the requirements of the role but who aren’t currently on the jobs market. With this in mind, the best thing you can do is to focus on refining your skills and making yourself as attractive as possible to potential employers.

Build brand you

You may boast an impressive track record and a repertoire of well sought-after skills, but if your LinkedIn profile fails to reflect this, prospective employers won’t know by looking that you’re the best person for the job. Completing your profile and keeping it updated with your achievements is essential if you want to start attracting employers. Posting relevant content can further showcase your passion and draw attention to your expertise in a particular area. With a glowing online presence and a proven interest in your specialism, your personal brand will stick in the mind of prospective employers and help to set you aside from the competition.

Grow your network

While a strong personal brand will aid in differentiating you from the competition, a vast network of personal and professional contacts is the key to unlocking exciting opportunities. Putting in the time to attend industry events will not only help you to stay ahead of the curve with regard to the latest trends in your sector, but it will get you in the room with a collection of key decision makers or potential future-colleagues. The more you build your network, the more chances you have of being front of mind when a vacancy becomes available in one of your contacts’ business.

Get a recruiter on the case

A relationship with a specialist recruiter can open the door to otherwise unexplored opportunities – even if you are a passive candidate. The best recruiters will take the time to build a complete profile of your competencies, experience, specialist skills and learn exactly what it is you seek from your next role. Keeping up to date with the ever-changing talent requirements of their clients’, your dedicated recruiter will get in touch with you as soon as an opportunity arises that mirrors your career ambitions. Even if you’re not looking, teaming up with a specialist recruiter can see the perfect role landing right on your lap.

Lucy EvansAbout the author

Lucy Evans is an Executive Recruitment Consultant specialising within the Wealth Management industry. She works for Heat Recruitment, a specialist recruitment agency based in Bristol operating across the UK that specialise in EngineeringInformation TechnologyInsuranceFinancial Services and the Legal sector. They place candidates in both permanent and contract roles.

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