Five ways to transform your office wardrobe

office-wear-edgy-sophisticatedSome corporate environments can be drab and dreary, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be as well. Fashion conscious professionals are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking out an outfit that commands respect but attracts the right kind of attention.

Not sure how you can achieve a smart, stylish and sophisticated look? Here are five ways that you can escape uninspiring office pieces in favour of elegance and finesse.

Turn up in style

First and foremost, you need to think about what you’ll be wearing to and from work. Any outerwear should withstand the elements and impress your colleagues when you walk through the door.

For this reason, think about purchasing a Barbour jacket, which will exude class while providing great functionality.

Add subtle colour

Any ordinary office outfit can be transformed if you add a subtle pop of colour, such as wearing a bold red lipstick with a grey suit.

This is understated yet obvious enough to make those around you take notice and commend your style. Don’t be scared to experiment with your choice of colour and shade either, as long as your attire is fairly neutral it will work.

Embrace black and colour

All black is a very popular fashion choice in the office as it oozes instant sophistication and style.

But shake your look up a bit by considering patterns and pastel colours, particularly in spring and summer. During winter, an absence of black might be harder to pull off, but you’ll receive some positive comments all the same.

Always wear a statement piece

The smallest details can make the biggest difference to your outfit, so ensure that you always wear a statement piece to improve and intensify your look.

From bright and bold necklaces to a designer purse or bag, there are lots of possibilities, but just make sure your choice of accessory can be worn more than once and with other outfits.

Embrace pinstripes

A pinstripe suit is a popular piece of office attire, but is worn by men. However, a pair of pinstripe trousers shows you are ready to do business but also have an eye for fashion. What’s more, they will lengthen your frame and really make you stand out.

Don’t allow your fashion voice to be quietened or your expressive outfits be suppressed in the office, as you can still be held in high esteem by following these stylish suggestions.

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