#ForTheWoman: Leading UK companies commit to increasing the visibility of women in the workplace

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Leading companies have commited to increasing the visibility of women in the workplace, as part of The Women’s Association’s #ForTheWoman campaign.

The #ForTheWoman campaign spotlights over 100 women across different career levels, organisations and sectors in order to increase the visibility of women in the workplace.

The campaign, which documents the women photographically, will also be documenting the women’s stories through interviews and roundtable discussions. Paragon Bank, the Museum of London and the British Army are amongst the companies who are participating.

The need to pay attention to women’s careers and ensure they are visible is a worldwide issue, with Dr Ansary, a UN Women Global Champion saying in a recent article: ”raising the visibility of women in every sphere is vital to empowering women and achieving gender parity. It takes an accumulation of roles models – real life examples of what girls and women can do if given the opportunity – to change entrenched attitudes.”

Yet, as with many things, the progression on women’s careers has been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Statistics demonstrate that women’s jobs are 1.8 times more vulnerable to the crisis than men’s jobs, critical when women account for 39 per cent of the global workforce but 54 per cent of the population (McKinsey).

Now more than ever, young women need hope for their future. The pandemic has disrupted education, impacted the job market and broadened the opportunities gap for women across the globe. Through the #ForTheWoman campaign, The Women’s Association aims to inspire and motivate young women across the UK.

Speaking about the campaign, Deborah Williams, Founder of The Women’s Association, said, “The #ForTheWoman Campaign celebrates women and the diversity of roles they undertake in the working world: from a software engineer to a personal assistant to a director.”

“These are images of inspiration and hope for future generations.”

Photographing women at different levels of the career ladder, the #ForTheWoman campaign highlights the fact that women don’t need to be CEOs or recognised change-makers to improve the trajectory for women and girls; they just need to be seen and their stories heard.

The #ForTheWoman campaign aims to make 4,000 women visible through portrait photography by International Women’s Day 2022. They are looking to welcome more companies willing to step up and join the movement into the campaign.

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