Habits that make you eternally stylish

Millie-fashion-pic1 (c)Even though style is supposed to be an extremely personal matter, everyone loves to discuss it, praise it, and rip it apart. So is it really that personal?

To be “fashionable” today, all women need to do is skim through the webpages of their favourite fashion blogger or through Pinterest and get the juice on what’s in and what’s out. Although this does make it easy to follow trends, the end result is hoards of women turning into an army of clones, wearing the same type of clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Trends come and go, but style remains eternal. If you’re stylish, you’re bound to look fashionable, irrespective of what you wear. Your style is what really defines you and makes you stand out in a crowd.

To some, being stylish comes naturally. But for a majority of us, it feels like solving a cryptic puzzle. The prospect of going shopping for clothes does seem exciting, but simultaneously sends us in a tizzy. Picking the right kind of fashion items seems more confusing than quantum physics, which is what makes you turn to fashion blogs in the first place.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just somehow figure out how some women always turn out looking stylish? Well look no further, mentioned ahead are a few habits of style divas, who always seem to get it right.

Your style needs to eventually come from you being yourself.

Don’t Copy Fashion Blindly

One thing you will never find a habitually stylish person do is look through images on Pinterest and Instagram and copy styles thoughtlessly. Though they may refer to them from time to time, they will add their own twist to the styling tale, create their own signature style and own it. They couldn’t be bothered by trends, and prefer to be trendsetters instead.

They have a unique taste and they’re well aware of it. This is usually the result of years of experimenting with different looks and finally discovering their own personal style. Stylish people know that it’s not what they wear, but how they wear it that matters. Yes, they have confidence! Some of their styles might be ahead of time, and may seem unconventional, but that doesn’t mean they’re not stylish.

(Image credit: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/58617232624294276/)Dress According to Your Body Type

Understanding, accepting and loving your body is an important aspect of being stylish. Being comfortable in your own skin can give you all the confidence you need. Different women have different body shapes and sizes.

You need to dress to flatter the shape of your body. Once you’ve correctly determined your body type, you will get a better idea of how to dress up.

Pay Attention to Detail

Don’t pay too much attention to the brands and the labels every time you shop. Try shopping at different places and you might be pleasantly surprised! Instead of concentrating on labels, you might want to consider other crucial aspects like grooming yourself. A well-groomed person can look absolutely smashing in any outfit.

Take care of your hair, skin, teeth, and eyes. Keep them clean and sparkling. Get rid of unwanted body hair regularly. Keep your nails well-manicured and get a great haircut. These might seem like small considerations, but they go a long way in determining your style quotient. Remember, the devil is in the detail.

Millie-fashion-pic3 (c)Be Resourceful

People with a great sense of style have a knack for finding something fashionable wherever they go. They have an inherent eye for quality and classy things and have no trouble in sniffing out some wonderfully stylish things at great deals.

Take Care of Your Clothes

Know the fabrics you wear and learn how to take care of them to keep their colour and fit intact and to increase their longevity. Every fabric needs to be cared for differently, and some may need more effort.

Whether it is washing your clothes, ironing them, or storing them, educate yourself about the correct techniques. Wash your clothes in a mild detergent and let them dry naturally as far as possible. Keep your dark clothes out of the sun.

Invest in a few good quality and sturdy hangers. They’re great for storing your clothes as they do not let them get creased or crumpled and save you the hassle of folding them every time you want to store them. It’s easy to locate specific garments when they’re hung on hangers, which helps you save time. They’re also space savers and make your wardrobe look neater and more organized. Look after your clothes well, and they’ll look after you too!

Know That Classic Fashion Works

Classic themes are evergreen and some styles always seem to click. This is how timeless fashion should be and this is the kind of style you can consider adopting over time. Mixing and matching could also work for you.

For example, you could pair your classic white shirt with a pair of funky trousers, high heels, a leather bag and a cool pair of sunglasses with minimum jewellery.

Millie-fashion-pic4 (c)Have a Great Posture

We all know that clothes fit better on people with properly aligned bodies, which also makes them appear taller. How your wear your clothes is as important as what you wear. Ooze confidence by working on your posture and learn to stand straight and walk tall.

Learn from Others’ Fashion Faux Pas

Sure it’s important to know what to do in order to look stylish, but it is also important to know what NOT to do!

Don’t you feel aghast and sorry at the same time for people when they make major fashion blunders? They’re talked about for all the wrong reasons (and probably even ridiculed) for a long time. There are lessons to be learnt here, though.

Take cues from other people’s fashion disasters and avoid repeating them. Don’t overdo it, don’t wear anything you’re not comfortable in, and remember what the great Leonardo da Vinci once famously proclaimed, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”.


It is always great to be called stylish. And the best part about it is that even if you’re not born with a sense of style, you can cultivate it in time. Being stylish, however, should not come at the cost of your comfort or financial security. Your style needs to eventually come from you being yourself.

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