Hottest Lipstick Trends

There’s nothing more alluring than a perfectly painted pout. Today, women around the world have greater accessibility to lipsticks and the endless excitement of decorating their mouths with an assortment of shades, textures and finishes from several big brands.

A lipstick alone can make any women feel put together, in a matter of seconds and hence is one of the more popular items in the make-up bag.  Just a quick swipe of lipstick and a woman can go from drab to fab, brightening up her face and bringing attention to her smile. It’s an easy and affordable way for every woman to update her makeup style for the season and, just like nail polish, there are so many colors, one can never get bored.

This season we have seen the eye make up being toned down and becoming more natural while lips are taking center stage. Experts reveal that brighter shades are ruling the fall looks this season.  Red lips in shades of wine, berry and plum, hot pinks and fuchsia are definitely going to give you that coveted look.

In terms of finish, matte is in. To wear the look, ensure your lips are smooth, healthy and unchapped. To keep your mouth in perfect pucker condition, experts recommend wearing a lip moisturizer before bed and exfoliating with a lip scrub (you can even make one on your own by combining sugar, honey and olive oil).

Here are our favorite lipsticks for this fall:


Rouge D’Armani



Rouge Pur Couture



L’Absolu Rouge Liptick



Crème Smooth Lip Colour



Burberry Bright Plum Lip Cover Lipstick


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