How getting outdoors on your lunch break could boost your career 

India Pearson

Did you know spending just half an hour outdoors during the working day can increase our productivity by 45 per cent? Imagine where your career could be in 10 years’ time if you took your lunch break outside each day!

Spending time outside and breathing in fresh air helps us get more oxygen to our brains which can help us feel more focused for the day. The fresh air will get you breathing deeper and more innately which will do a lot of good for your lungs and general cardiovascular health. We have a habit of shallow breathing when we are sitting down indoors, but moving outdoors will do the opposite and your body will love you for it! If you can, try and take a walk outside before you find a park bench to eat your lunch. Moving outside gets more oxygen pumping around your body which helps to release endorphins aka the happy hormone to your brain so you will return to work feeling more positive.

Exposing your body to natural light will not only give you a good dose of Vitamin D, but it will also help you regulate your body clock, so you feel more awake during the day when you’re at work and help you fall asleep at the appropriate time at night.

You could also include a little mindfulness whilst you’re outside. Listen to the sound of the birds, notice the colours in the sky and the smell of the grass or flowers near you. Try to keep your awareness on what’s right in front of you and real. Feeling connected to nature in this way can help to find certainty in the now. This mindful activity will stop your mind from worrying about anything going on back in the office and help you feel grounded, present and connected to nature.

It’s easy to prioritise work over wellbeing but when you start realising you can be more productive at work by giving yourself just half an hour of time outside every day. Who knows where your career could take you! I recommend making sure you have a warm coat, a hat, comfortable shoes and an umbrella so you have no excuses for going outdoors whatever the weather! Make that conscious effort every day to step away from a screen, take some time in nature and see if it gives you that extra boost when you’re back at work.

About the author

India PearsonIndia is an outdoor advocate, new mother and founder of Fin & Flow: an innovative hub for like-minded people to connect through wellbeing activities like yoga, paddle boarding, and beach cleans.

In her mid-20s, India changed the direction of her life from professional dancing when she discovered yoga. Leading her to re-focus on what fuelled her soul.

Now India hosts the notable outdoors podcast ‘Start a Ripple …’ which celebrates the power of moving in nature and strives to encourage women and new mothers to find the confidence to move in nature.

Find more advice on wellbeing on India’s podcast ‘Start a ripple…’ and via her Instagram account @with_india.

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