How to create sustainability in your wardrobe


As the month-long circus of designer catwalk shows draw to an end, in amongst focusing on the newest trends, sustainability was also firmly on the agenda.

Fittingly as fashion is one of worlds the biggest pollutants – something that I have seen first-hand as a fashion designer and stylist visiting factories in Turkey, India, Sri Lanka and China.

The good new is many manufacturers have taken steps to being more environmentally friendly by introducing green directives such as BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), which reduces the vast amount of water it takes to produce cotton. You can also play your part too, by considering the way you shop. Not buying clothes ever again isn’t realistic, but by looking at how, when and why you shop it can start to make a difference.

Review your wardrobe

Start with going through your wardrobe to see what you already have. Do you have multiples of the same items of clothing – do you really need another pair of black trousers?  If you have garments with the tags still on, try them on and figure out why you have never worn them.  Identify gaps in your wardrobe, consider your lifestyle and any events you may be attending and make a list of what you need.


Look online at brands and social media before making any purchases. Are there any obvious trends or colours that might suit you, or women whose personal style you like? Save the images, take photos of your own clothes and see if you can merge into outfits– Pinterest is a great tool for outfit building.

Fashion trends

Consider how you incorporate fashion trends into your personal and professional wardrobes. Currently big statement puff sleeves are trending, keep an oversize sleeve top for out of office hours and buy a moderate puff sleeve blouse to pair with a trouser suit for work. The statement sleeve will date, but the blouse will be wearable for years to come.

Bespoke and Made-To-Measure

One of the reasons many women buy so many clothes is that they can’t find garments that make them look and feel amazing – often the fit or proportion isn’t quite right.

When my styling clients were asking for the perfect fit, I became aware that bespoke is predominantly male orientated and options for women are limited. Seeing a gap in the market and having built up a technical network over the years, I offer a reasonably priced designed UK made, bespoke clothing service for women. With trousers and dresses to flatter all figures being by far the most popular categories.

Enlist the help of an expert

If this still all sounds like a minefield enlist the services of a professional stylist. A personal stylist such as myself will go through your wardrobe and ascertain what you need for that season. By using a stylist you save time, money and no longer have that sinking feeling when opening the wardrobe door.

Lisa O’Shaughnessy About the author

Lisa O’Shaughnessy is a London based personal stylist and fashion designer with 20 years’ experience working in the fashion industry. Providing personal styling and a women’s’ bespoke clothing service though her company Always Stylish. Lisa is an expert in helping women boost their style confidence and to discover their unique personal style.

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