How to have a more positive experience using Instagram

Article by Estelle Keeber,  founder of Immortal Monkey

Person holding a phone browsing Instagram, social mediaWe all know how overwhelming and mood draining social media can be. Whether its overwhelm from trying to post or Instagram posts that make you feel pretty negative about yourself or your business growth. 

We cant help but compare, its in our nature and with Instagram marketing being one of the easiest ways to reach your audience how do you find the balance? 

1 – Get rid of any accounts that don’t make you feel good! Go through your followers and unfollow any accounts that you no longer feel aligned with. Maybe your tastes have changed, maybe the account has changed paths. Whatever your reason…if they don’t make you feel good unfollow the account.

2 – Go and connect with the accounts you love. The more you engage with account the more of their content you will see in your news feed…so if you like a post, let the account know, tell them why in the comments, let them know you agree…or disagree…but do take the time to comment. This shows Instagram that you enjoy the content and by doing this Instagram will start to show you more of the content you want to see and less of the content you don’t.

3 – Share! There is no easier way to pass around the positivity than to share. If you find a post that is inspiring, uplifting or super valuable, share it. Main feed…share it! Stories…share it! DM…share it! If you find an account that really makes you laugh or that shares great memes…let someone else know too. We created a template for you guys to use to share your favourite 3 accounts…so far they have gone down a storm and I’ve found some amazing new accounts to follow!

4 – Limit your time on Instagram. Instagram have been working hard behind the scenes to help all users have a more positive experience. In 2021, they introduced Daily Limits. A really easy way that you can track the time you spend on Instagram and even get a reminder to take breaks. Once you set your daily limit you will then get a notification that your close to your daily limit.

So there are just 4 of my top tips for making Instagram a more positive place for you to be and remember that if you are not feeling the love on Instagram there are lots of ways to report unwanted attention. Restrict, block and report. Are the easiest ways. Make sure that you are making Instagram aware of any issue you are having by reporting fake or spam accounts.

Should you ever receive unsolicited comments you can simply swipe left on the comment to be given the option to report and block.

Did you know that you can also restrict certain words from showing up on your feed? Go to privacy and then hidden words. Enter the words that you want to remain hidden and voila! This also works well with the spammy “you have won an iphone comments”.

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