How to shine and get ahead in your career in 2021

Daisy Ussher, Head of Permanent Division, Tiger Recruitment

Attractive Young Woman with Red Hair Working from Home - Female Entrepreneur Sitting on Bed with Laptop Computer, Paperwork and Checking Cell Phone from Comfort of HomeJanuary is traditionally a month of reflection and fresh starts – a time to take stock and plot your next career move. And this year is no different.

Despite market uncertainty, Tiger Recruitment research found that four in ten employees plan to change jobs in the next 12 months. Those who feel that their employer has supported them during the pandemic and who are happy with their flexible working options are more likely to stay put. Whatever your plans, the following advice will help you push yourself forward and position yourself for career success in the year ahead.

Present yourself in the best light

Job hunting in the middle of a pandemic may seem counterintuitive, particularly if you’re already in a job, but there are exciting opportunities out there for people with the right skills. We’ve had a busy start to the year as businesses, encouraged by the promise of the coronavirus vaccine, press ahead with their recruitment plans.

LinkedIn is the main tool hiring managers use to source talent, so if you’re considering a career move, make sure your profile really shines. Ensuring that it’s up-to-date and complete is a good place to start; according to LinkedIn, you’re 40 times more likely to receive opportunities with a complete profile than without.

Once you have the basics up to date, add a little flair! Far too many LinkedIn profiles I see are too generic and lack any real personality. Give potential hiring managers a reason to contact you. Use your summary as an opportunity to maximise your personal brand and move away from the simple chronological timeline of your CV to give an insight into who you are and the value you could bring to an organisation.

Attention to detail is key. A profile riddled with spelling mistakes and incomplete sentences won’t create the right impression. Check and check again and always ask a friend or family member to review it.

Develop your skills

Many people say that working from home has given them more time because they’re not having to commute. This year, make it your mission to use this extra time wisely to focus on self-improvement. Learning new skills can bring you one step closer to your dream job or make you even more effective in your current role.

Webinars and online courses (many of which are free) and the various physical conferences and events that have moved online are a great way to expand your knowledge. Even devoting your usual 40-minute commute to learning can make a difference. Digital skills are in hot demand right now, so why not consider an online class in coding (try the Code Academy) or a course in social media marketing (Alison offers a free one –

It doesn’t just have to be about CV-building skills – consider using this time to improve your mental wellbeing. Headspace’s A New York State of Mind website is designed to support people through the pandemic, not just New Yorkers, with free guided meditations and other useful content. Feeling calmer and more focused can only benefit you and your career.

Plan for the promotion you want

Now may not be the ideal time to ask for a pay rise or a promotion, particularly if your company has been hard hit by the coronavirus crisis. Instead, take this opportunity to start planning ahead for better economic times.

To secure a promotion in the future, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate that you’ve taken on extra responsibilities beyond your job description. It’s helpful to make a note of the instances when you’ve stepped up or shown initiative so that when you do have that conversation with your boss, you have all the evidence you need at hand. Keeping a record serves as a reminder of what you’ve done and gives you valuable information to include on your CV at a later date.

Whether you intend to stay in your current role or pursue new opportunities in 2021, now is the time to prepare for what you plan to do next. So, update your LinkedIn profile, add in your newly acquired skills, or consider what you need to do to progress in your current role. Good luck!

About the author

Daisy UsherDaisy is Head of the Permanent Division at Tiger Recruitment – a boutique recruitment firm headquartered in London.

After obtaining a degree in French, Daisy gained experience working in Paris in fashion broadcasting. When she returned to London, she joined Tiger and hasn’t looked back! After just three years, Daisy stepped up to manage the permanent division in the West End office after establishing herself as a successful senior consultant.

Daisy takes great pride in going above and beyond for both jobseekers and employers alike. She takes time to acquire a deep understanding of fit for both parties and is happiest when she can help facilitate a perfect match.

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