Imposter Syndrome survey – can you help?

Instagram make your voice heard_ Take the 2019 imposter syndrome survey

Despite claims that up to 70 per cent of people in business struggle with Imposter Syndrome at some point, no large-scale study has ever been carried out into its effects and triggers.

The 2019 Imposter Syndrome Research Study aims to give individuals and employers insights into what Imposter Syndrome is – and what it isn’t – with data-driven evidence on how to handle it.

Whether you struggle with Imposter Syndrome or consider yourself ‘Imposter-Syndrome-proof’, please have your say. The research is open to both men and women and the two-minute, anonymous questionnaire is the final phase of this study:


The results will be published in a white paper in September and will be made freely available to individuals and businesses who want to understand more about how Imposter Syndrome works, to dispel the myths, and to find out how to set yourself free from feeling like a fraud forever.

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