Inspirational Woman: Darshana Ubl | Head of Business in the UK, Entrevo

Darshana Ubl Darshana Ubl is an entrepreneurial sales & marketing expert who prides herself on her kind heart, her business intelligence and her good intentions. Darshana has recently joined Entrevo, a global business focused on bringing training programmes to entrepreneurs, as Head of Business in the UK. Prior to this she conceptualised, launched and exited her daily deals site, LyncMeUp within just two years for £2million.

How did you come up with

Darshana had a career in media and advertising and worked with big and small companies. She worked for MediaCorp TV in Singapore (like BBC) and managed several big and small client accounts. She noticed that although the big international companies got their ROI and branding from TV and Radio, the smaller players struggled.

With the emergence of digital media and the new group buying model adapted by companies such as Groupon and Living Social, Darshana saw this as an avenue to service small businesses and give them a voice to be heard. The essence of LyncMeUp was to link small businesses to the end consumer through the emerging power of the internet.

What made you decide to move on from

Her boutique daily deals site, LyncMeUp, was taken from vision to exit in just two years because of her focus, efficiency and the excellent service that was delivered by her team, to whom she attributes her success. She was offered a good deal which she could not refuse.

Darshana now hopes to share her story to empower others through her work with Entrevo, her written contributions to the entrepreneurial community and an offering of speaking and mentoring to both entrepreneurs and women in business.

What was the main thing you learned from your time at

She believes that with training and discipline, entrepreneurship can happen at any stage in your life, regardless of your gender.

In her opinion, success in business boils down to your ability to empower limitless thinking and lead by example.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Her biggest challenge was being new to London.

Darshana moved from Singapore not knowing too many people in London and definitely none in the business to consumer digital world. As much as she loved London and its people, she initially found it hard to get noticed in the market place.

What’s been your greatest achievement personally?

In the last two years alone, Darshana has conceived, built and sold a boutique daily deal site,, travelled to various parts of the world, got married and inspired, informed and mentored a handful of women in business. She believes that her greatest achievement is yet to come.

If you weren’t doing what you do, what would you be doing?

If I was not running a business, I would be helping people connect and find their soul mates or business mates. I feel that a lot can be achieved together.

The world is beautiful when it’s shared with the right people

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

When Darshana needs inspiration she looks to her father who believes that one must follow their path and be true to oneself. He has created the foundation for Darshana’s thoughts and beliefs.

Whilst Darshana has come from an entrepreneurial and financially comfortable family, she has had a strict upbringing and has always been taught the value and importance of her social contribution. She has long understood the wealth means much more than financial success but has seen first-hand that money brings time and freedom to do things that have social impact. Darshana believes that her intentions and her reasons for being in business are just as important as what she has achieved to date and what she is able to achieve in the future.

Working in London, Darshana has also met and worked with a host of women that have inspired her. She is planning to share their stories in her soon to be published book, ‘The Secrets of Influential Women’.

What does the future hold for you?

The future is exciting, filled with possibilities and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

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