Join The Eve Appeal and celebrate Girl to Woman Wellbeing Week

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From International Day of the Girl, 11th Oct, through to World Menopause Day, 18th Oct, we will be shining a light on women’s health throughout a lifetime, from sex and body education at school to working through the menopause.

As women, we spend a great deal of our time managing our health. Not because we’re ill, but because we’re women: menstrual health, cervical screening, contraception, pregnancy, menopause. And all of these can cause health concerns which stretch through the whole of our lives, and affect how we can manage at school and at work. There’s no better time to open up conversations and talk about these issues then for Girl to Woman Wellbeing Week.

Throughout the week we will be highlighting issues faced in women’s health throughout a lifetime, sharing women’s workplace gynae stories, both positive and negative along with statistics around women’s health at work, showing exactly why we need better awareness and understanding of women’s health in the workplace.

One in three women suffer from severe reproductive health issues and 80 per cent of women get symptoms when they go through the menopause, with 45 per cent of them finding their symptoms distressing. All of these health issues can have a huge impact on working life, and we are shining a light on these issues and how we can improve awareness and support of women’s health in the workplace.

Dr Bella Smith, The Digital GP and a fantastic Eve Ambassador, said, “As an NHS GP I regularly see women with successful careers who are the lynch pin of families, responsible for childcare, managing teenagers and students, running households and caring for elderly parents.”

“In my experience women often put themselves and their own health last, and especially with gynaecological health, they can suffer in silence or ignore symptoms.”

“Women often have to deal with challenging life-stages such as pregnancy, IVF, miscarriages and menopause whilst continuing to work as if nothing is wrong.”

“The workplace is a brilliant place to support women to look after their own health, to educate and empower them with up to date medical information and to support and inspire them to stay healthy.”

To get involved in the conversation, share your work place gynae stories and tag @EveAppeal #EveAtWork.

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