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Masculinity in the Workplace 2020 report

2020 – A global pandemic; an explosive reckoning with racism, in the US and around the world, a summer of protests; and a year that saw a sea change in our relationship with work and the workplace.

Workers were in and out of lockdown, many working from home (for some while simultaneously homeschooling children), not to mention those who fell ill from coronavirus themselves, were furloughed or lost hours or jobs during this time.

Nearly 700,000 UK workers fell from the payrolls during the first five months of the pandemic. Those who did lose work tended to be clustered among lower-earning employees; some workers didn’t have a comfortable or even safe home to work from.

Original research we conducted to coincide with our Masculinity in the Workplace event (MIW 2020), on International Men’s Day, revealed that the pandemic has exposed a slight rise in masculine workplace culture, even as some entrenched masculine stereotypes were in further retreat, alongside a yearning for a more empathetic style of leadership.

This survey was carried out in September – between waves 1 and 2 of the pandemic – thus there will inevitably be some anomalies in the findings.


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