Network Spotlight: DrivenWoman

Tell us a little bit about your network

DivenWomanDrivenWoman was founded in May 2013 in London. We saw a need for a new type of network that would become a safe place for women to explore their dreams and would not only be focused on career or business but where members could spend time designing their ideal life as a whole.

DrivenWoman was founded by two extremely driven individuals, Miisa Mink, an entrepreneur and Jennifer Stoute an ex-olympic runner. Jennifer has since stepped back, and Miisa remains as the ‘chief doer’ and leader of the network. The members’ groups are lead by long time DrivenWoman members who have progressed to a level to lead their own group.

What is your network’s prime objective?

DrivenWoman is based on the idea of proactivity. We get together once a month to create positive habits and put plans into action, one small step at a time. We do this by sharing our progress and inspiring each other. This method of ‘LifeWorking’ creates accountability, removes fear of failure and builds a strong sense of commitment.

How is your network helping women to progress in the workplace?

The really powerful thing about going through the shared experience of ‘LifeWorking’ is that it impacts directly on your positivity and belief in your own potential. Instead of the sense of isolation you may have felt before, you will be inspired by the stories of other participants and will soon notice that the obstacles you thought were unique to you are universal to most women.

Members build their self-confidence helping them in salary negotiations or boosting their confidence to aim higher. Many members are also pondering on career change and find ways to build a potentially more fulfilling career.

What type of events does your network run?

Women who are interested in DrivenWoman can book an Introduction evening (link to your event page) where WATC members get a 50% discount with a code WATC.

Monthly meeting and social nights are for members only.

DrivenWoman also runs really interesting evening workshops covering a range of topics such as ‘Positive Psychology’, ‘How To Get Stuff Done’ or ‘Blogging For Your Passion’.

What are the benefits of joining your network?

During the DrivenWoman program you are likely to discover:

  • Find clarity in your purpose, how does your ideal life look like
  • Learn to dream better, or bigger (what ever you want)
  • How to set more realistic goals and doable action plans
  • Gain increased self confidence to go beyond your comfort zone
  • Manage time and reduce stress and anxiety
  • Manage different roles of being a woman
  • Experience increased gratitude
  • Feel accountable to a fantastic group of women
  • Develop a real connection with others
  • And of course get to know a lot of other driven women
How do our members join your network?

Introduction evenings are run twice a month (link to WATC events page), WATC members get 50% off with a code WATC. After the Introduction evening you need to decide if you want to join as a member.

12 month membership costs £295 and 6 month £170

What advice would you give to anyone who is joining a network for the first time?

It’s a very friendly and honest environment, but to get most out of it we recommend you participate actively. There is no ‘guru’ to give you all the answers, ‘LifeWorking’ is based on everyone sharing their experiences and helping each other.

Any top tips for new networkers? Why is building your network important?

DrivenWoman is very well suited for people who ‘don’t like networking’, because it’s very structured and you are never left on your own devices. The members’ groups never exceed 15 people and thus there’s time for genuine discussions between the members. Social nights are evenings when all members across different groups get together.

 Is your network for senior individuals only? Do you have to be a particular level to join?

One of DrivenWoman’s strengths is our diversity. You may get a 55 year old CEO in the same group with 22 year old start-up entrepreneur and both will benefit tremendously from sharing and helping each other. Our members come from a variety of career backgrounds. We are bind together by our attitude and the drive to get more out of life!

Finally, what’s next for your network?

DrivenWoman is now expanding both in London and internationally. We are building our network in London and will be expanding to other cities across the UK. We opened our first non-UK group in Helsinki this January and we will be expanding into 2 – 3 more countries by the end of this year.

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Upcoming Events


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14jun09:3016:00Personal Impact and Career Confidence (women only)

18jun09:3015:30Women in Leadership Conference | 18 June 24 | Science Gallery

19jun15:0017:00Virtual Class | Breastfeeding and Returning to Work Class

20junAll Day25The MoonWalk Iceland 2024

22junAll DayPRIDE PARTY presented by KIKI

22jun20:0023:30Pride Edinburgh Official After Party | Virgin Hotels Edinburgh

26jun10:0011:00How can school leaders support Menstrual Health and Menopause at work? | Online

27jun08:4518:00The Brilliance Summit

29jun09:0018:30Pride in London Parade with RICS

29jun10:0016:00Pride in London - Outvertising Walking Group

29jun10:3012:00Yoga for Acceptance - an Event for Pride

30jun19:0022:00PRIDE BINGO

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