Phenomenal Women Events

Phenomenal Women Events was born from the desire to see women reach their full potential – and do it aligned with their feminine energy.

For a long time, to be taken seriously in business and achieve success, women have felt that they had to, “…do it like one of the guys.” We can hunt and gather as well as the men but our nature is much more nurturing and synergistic. Because of the demands of society we have learned to hide our feminine essence, feeling that it might be considered too frivolous or inappropriate. In doing this we have diminished and contracted ourselves. It’s a little like squeezing ourselves into a wet suit on size too small – and is just as uncomfortable.

When both sexes are playing to their strengths, much greater harmony and synergy is created in communication, business and relationships. And it gives the guys to opportunity to step into their true masculine, which, whether we’d admit it or not, it’s what we’d really like, isn’t it ladies?

Below you will find testimonials, of the life-changing benefits of being aligned with our feminine strengths. It’s such a small shift to make – after all, isn’t it easier for swan to behave like a swan, instead of constantly trying to pretend she’s a goose? That’s a literal pain in the neck!

We’d love to hear from you. By filling in the boxes opposite you’ll receive offers and updates AND you’ll be able to watch the extended compilation video of the Phenomenal Women Event in London, absolutely free!

Let us know what you think of the video; we are always looking for ways to add more value to our programmes, so please add a comment. Looking forward to celebrating your fabulous femininity with you at a Phenomenal Women soon!


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