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How Sky is ‘investing in women’

Interview conducted by Harriet Minter When it comes to setting targets around gender in senior leadership a lot of companies like to hedge their bets. They’ll aim for 30 per cent of senior management to be female, maybe 40 per cent if they’re feeling punchy. Sky’s target, however, keeps it very simple: the world is...
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544 women receive awards in the New Year’s Honours List 2019

544 women have received awards in the New Year’s Honours List for 2019 – making up 47 per cent of the list.  A number of prominent women are being recognised on the list, including a damehood for Jayne-Anne Gadhia, Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Money, for services to financial services and women in the financial services;...
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The facts all women need to know about breast cancer

Breast cancer continues to be one of the most common and deadly cancers diagnosed in women each year. It affects the lives of millions yet so many are unaware of the early signs and symptoms that could inevitably save countless lives. Knowing the important facts about this traumatic condition can help you and your loved...
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Women Leading the way

13/09/2018 – Women Leading The Way: Panel Discussion

The Fawcett Society presents a discussion on women in business in 2018. A panel of speakers led by Carolyn Fairbairn, Director General of the CBI, Fawcett Chair Fiona MacTaggart, and Ann Francke, CEO of Chartered Management Institute, winner of the Louis Armstrong Award for outstanding leadership of a UK professional body 2016 and author of: Financial...
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“You women, you’re all alike…!”

So said a (male) friend of mine, lightly and with affection. He’ll have no memory of saying it. But me? I couldn’t forget it. It took me a long time to work out why. The more I thought about it the more I realised how common an assertion this is. I hear suggestions of ‘feminine...
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Women, confidence & your inner chimp

I had a big life moment back in 2015.  I realised I wasn’t the only one who sometimes felt like an ‘imposter’ with confidence crippling insecurities as I sat in the massive auditorium of the Emmanual Centre in Victoria, London.  I was at a lecture in London hosted by The School of Life, with famous...
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The glass ceiling: a barrier to global prosperity

It’s estimated today that equal engagement of women in the workforce will add $28 trillion US dollars to annual global GDP by 2025. This is the equivalent of adding another United States and China to the global GDP, just by ensuring equal opportunity to women. That sounds like a pretty good trade off to me....
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Women at Whalar

  Whalar is an influencer marketing platform on a mission to liberate the creative voice. 60 per cent of the influencers on the Whalar platform are women. Chelsea Carter, Head of Content at Whalar told us more about why women are leading the way at Whalar. Influencer marketing is still a relatively new area of...
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