Recommended Read: Goodbye Glossophobia: Banish your fear of public speaking | Esther Stanhope

Goodbye Glossophobia - Esther Stanhope

Goodbye Glossophobia: Banish your Fear of Public Speaking is the new self-help book from author and Impact Guru, Esther Stanhope.

In the book, Esther reveals her quirky but effective secrets to help anyone with a fear of public speaking banish nerves, blushes and missed career opportunities.

As well as tackling common questions like, ‘what if I fall?’, she steals a secret from President Obama, and shares a trick about candles and roses that clearly lower your cortisol (stress) levels in seconds.

What is Glossophobia? It’s the fear of public speaking – that dread of talking to large audiences and hating the sensation of all eyes on you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in corporate, public or creative life, Esther’s experience and expertise can help anyone smash presentations and feel comfortable on any stage or in any boardroom.


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