Recommended Read: Menopause Working | Cathy Hastie

Menopause is impacting the lives of thousands of women in the workplace – some to such an extent that they are being forced to leave their jobs – but many employers are hopelessly ill-equipped to deal with the issue.

HR expert Cathy Hastie is helping women and employers to improve their understanding of menopause and introduce changes that can help women thrive during the menopause transition in the workplace, and continue to make major contributions to their companies. The book provides information on managing menopause symptoms in the workplace, rights and responsibilities, managing performance and promotion and workplace culture and change.

Cathy has drawn on knowledge amassed during more than 20 years as a Human Resources practitioner and from her own experience of the menopause to write ‘Menopause Working’, a book which provides everything an employer needs to know – but had never thought, or dared – to ask about managing menopause.

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