Recommended Read: Supercharged Teams: 30 tools of great teamwork | Pamela Hamilton

Now is the time to reset the way people work together

Collaboration expert reveals how to SUPERCHARGE your teams

 to work more effectively and achieve goals

Supercharged Teams: 30 tools of great teamwork | Pamela Hamilton

Why this book matters:

  • As we emerge post-Covid, we have a chance to use this period of disruption and innovation to evolve and reset how we work together
  • Now, more than ever we need true collaboration and incredible teamwork to solve the complex issues we face at work, with markets being disrupted, new technologies emerging, stretched resources post-pandemic and increased need for collaboration across departments, businesses and cultures
  • Featuring the latest approaches used by high performing teams around the world, this book will give you the tools to supercharge your team to perform and succeed
  • Contains practical advice for both leaders and individuals, to deal with issues such as workplace bullying, conflict, motivation and the future of work

Great teamwork is crucial for any high performing team, but being in a team is harder than ever before. Work is faster, leaner and more digital, and teamwork can be last on our list of priorities.  New technologies and market disruption create complex challenges that can only be solved experts working well together.

High performing teams operate on a different level, way above average.  They are driven by the energy of a powerful vision, an urgent sense of purpose, and the motivation to work well together because they know that is the only way they will achieve, even exceed, their goals.

In her new book Supercharged Teams, leading collaboration expert Pamela Hamilton offers 30 powerful tools which will:

  • Reset your team to work better together
  • Adapt your team to new challenges, whether they are in the same office, working remotely or collaborating across different departments, organisations and locations
  • Learn from high performing teams across the world with case studies and examples
  • Develop the skills and approaches that work effectively in today’s working environment

As we transition back into a post-Covid world, Supercharged Teams offers the roadmap that will boost the way your team works together, whether you lead a team or belong to one. Visit for more information, free downloads, templates, case studies and further training available to anyone who has bought the book.


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