Nyomi Winter featured

Five minutes with Nyomi Winter from Nomipalony

Nyomi, 34 is a part-time project officer/part-time blogger and vlogger from the North East of England. Nyomi started her blog at the end of January 2016 and regularly posts about modern motherhood, parenting, family life, things to do and reviews. Nyomi is also a passionate feminist and one of her core values is to support...
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male priviledge

Why “Male Privilege” workshops are a bad idea

It was recently reported that Melbourne University was offering a workshop in white male privilege which encouraged its male participants to “learn to speak more like women”. Apparently, despite progressive laws towards gender equality existing in Australia, the irony of telling a man he should “act more like a woman” (i.e take a back seat...
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Seven books that will change the way you see the world

A room of one’s own, Virginia Woolf Written rather as an address than a novel and published as an essay, Virginia Woolf’s exposition on why a woman must have a room of her own if she is to write successfully is one of the most intelligent yet accessible pieces of modernist writing. We see her...
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Marcello: Love in the City

The first novel by ‘Marcello’ – the popular dating blogger from WeAreTheCity. Marcello is a successful London professional. He is also a dating blogger in search of true love. As a sociable, thirty-something City worker Marcello shouldn’t have any trouble finding a girlfriend. Only he is having trouble – lots of it – and he...
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sigmund freud

Sigmund Freud famously said: What do women want?

Here are a few suggestions on the topic of what women want, gleaned from various interviews: Fiona Mactaggart Representing Slough for Labour “The Defense Select Committee. When it was men it was all about how big the weapons are, now we talk about women and the families of service personnel. Women by their very presence...
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Let’s avoid the use of the “C” word please….

Criticism Vs Feedback There it is again. The “C” word. On a professional social media site too. No. Not that “C” word. And No. Absolutely not that “C” word. What I’m talking about is the word “criticism”. In my opinion an ugly word that makes me outwardly cringe and screw up my face into deep...
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annie bean

Inspirational Woman: Annie Bean | Founder of Tales of Annie

Annie Bean is the founder of Tales of Annie Bean, a fitness and lifestyle blog that has seen her working with top brands such as Adidas and travelling abroad with Vogue. She has been a finalist in the UK Blog Awards for the last three years running and was named a top 50 Global Health...
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i am marcello

WATC dating blogger Marcello | First novel out now

I have written a novel. It’s a tale of love, life and corporate machinations in the city. That’s how I described it to prospective literary agents anyway. It is in fact a book based on my life- a far more amusing version, but my life nonetheless. One literary agent thought the story had legs and...
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