Female Leadership
Claire Hatton Greta Thomas Don't Stop Us Now podcast featured

Meet Claire Hatton & Greta Thomas, creators of a new podcast aiming to smash barriers & pave the way for women’s leadership

Sydney board directors and leadership and innovation advisors, Claire Hatton and Greta Thomas, are on a mission to increase the number of women who become leaders in innovation and pioneers in their field. Enter ‘Don’t Stop Us Now!,’ a new international podcast created by the duo. The podcast series shares authentic stories and practical advice...
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Hillary Clinton female leader

US still without a female head of state as the total number grows to fifty worldwide

The US is still yet to join the growing number of countries around the world with a female leader, which has now reached fifty. US citizens will now have to wait at least another four years for a female president after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in this year’s election. There are currently 28 female...
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Are women born to lead?

What women and the world’s greatest leaders have in common. For decades, psychologists have been compiling a list. That list includes all the traits that the greatest leaders of all time have demonstrated—the traits that we still admire, respect and look for in our current leaders. That list is certainly not exhaustive, and it will...
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