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WeAreTheCity talks to teenagers

WeAreTheCity regularly opens its doors to help youngsters gain work experience. To date, we have had six apprentices and provided over 12 weeks of work experience for young girls and boys in the Essex and London area. This week we hosted two fourteen year olds and set them the task of creating their own article,...
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Rough Guide to Internet Dating Part 3 – it’s date time!

Dating Acronyms – GSOH – good sense of humour, MWC – married with children, N/S – Non Smoking, LTR – long term relationship, NSA – no strings attached, SGL – Single Right! My profile is out there, I’ve sussed out how this internet dating lark works, I’ve discarded the Swedish stalkers, odd bods, married, divorced,...
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How To Prevent Your Child from Becoming Addicted to the Internet

Internet overuse, pathological computer use and problematic computer use are three of the labels that are often used when discussing Internet addiction. This addiction or compulsion to use the Internet is becoming a serious condition for many kids. Like other addictions, it can interfere with the child’s well-being, psychological and social development and physical health....
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