Work-Life Balance
Working Mum balance featured

The balance: running an international e commerce business while raising six children

Niamh Barker , Founder, After getting married in 2002 I acquired four young stepchildren and we quickly went on to have another two of our own (as no one was getting any younger!). At the time I was working in a senior role at Pfizer, travelling regularly and juggling all the balls of corporate...
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How to get a good work life balance (F)

Nailing Work-Life Balance

We all know that it is essential to maintain a healthy balance between work, rest, relaxation and having fun, in order to perform at our best both at home and in work but doing so is so often easier said than done. April is officially Stress Awareness Month, so it is the perfect time to...
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Time to rebalance? – Seven ways to achieve better work-life balance

It’s Work-Life Balance week. Hurray! I guess it says it all that if we’ve had to dedicate a national week to it. Do you feel overwhelmed and overstretched by constantly having to juggle a demanding job and various personal commitments? Are you frequently stressed, exhausted and struggling to fit everything in? You are definitely not...
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Female Entrepreneur in her office and smiling with arms outstretched

Being a female entrepreneur has a positive impact on family life

According to new research by Vistaprint’s ‘Trend Report’, 72% of female micro-business owners claim that entrepreneurship has had a positive impact on their family life. Almost 50% of UK female entrepreneurs referenced the freedom to have control of their own lives and manage their own commitments as the main reason for starting their own business....
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Three women smiling, procrastiniating,using digital devices whilst drinking in a cafe

Procrastinating can be good for Productivity

Viking has conducted a survey of over 1,500 office workers to find out about procrastination patterns, the reasons for them, and the effects it has on the working day. It’s research has concluded that the average worker spends 52 minutes a day procrastinating. 40% of those procrastinating did so in order to take a break...
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