The answer to every challenge is…..In The Mirror! | Jenni Parker Brown

We’d have to be superwoman not to have some aspect of our life that causes us pain or challenge.

Maybe like most women, you’ve  spent lots of money on programs, books,  events,  therapy or healing. Have you spent years journalling, complaining, or simply wishing things were different from how they are in some aspect of your life? Are you one of those who is terribly sensitive and subject to stress or depression? Maybe you’re just damn tired and overwhelmed by the slow progress towards your goals and desires?

Don’t feel bad, you’re in good company with the other 80 percent of the population!

The ones that think life-happens-and-then-you-die,  and it’s not your fault.

In this little sharing time, I would like to offer you the key to all the solutions you could ever wish for. It’s quite simple, go to the bathroom now and look in the mirror. There. The reflection you see is the only solution you’ll ever need to any of life’s teasing and taunting conundrums .

Bear with me, you’re going to like how this goes.

Whether it’s for career issues, relationship problems, money challenges,  we’ve got used to seeking solutions to pain,  like soap powder to remove stubborn stains. The trouble is, like red wine, grass and ink, pain is a given. It is a natural part of life, an inevitable part of our development.

But pain will only ‘stain’ our moods and psyche if we believe that ‘Life Is A Struggle’, something to be mastered and beaten into submission,  and that we are powerless to do anything about it.

Most of the world is not passionate and that is the principle cause for every bit of struggle and strife that exists.

The 80 percent of the population who carry this belief around with them are all around you…family, colleagues, people on the street, in the subway. In fact, surveys are quite precise on the figures about this. There is such a massive collective belief that ‘Life Is A Struggle’ that, even with the best will in the world to be enthusiastic, optimistic, cheerful and brave, we can all get quickly dragged down by the mass addiction to gloom and doom. We can’t avoid it in the news, the media, in our environment.

  • Unless we choose to because we love ourselves more than the gloom.
  • Unless we understand that we truly are masters of our emotions and our perceptions.
  • Unless we deliberately become intentional creators of our rosiest-tinted vision of life.
  • The fastest way to do that is to fall in love with ourselves. Forever.

In my work as guide and mentor and Editor-in-Chief  of an acclaimed Visionary Business magazine, I see many life-coaches with complexes, transformational leaders with chips on their shoulder, biz experts with chronic self-doubt, company bosses with un-quiet hearts and minds. Even those who are open to self-growth are part of the heavy-heart brigade.

So why is that? Why are the majority of people not content?

It is quite simple.

Most of the world are not loving themselves enough to do what they love and love what they do

And they resent it.

Most of the world is not passionate and that is the principle cause for every bit of struggle and strife that exists. (Even Mother Theresa had picked that one up..

All problems, whether sickness, stress, disputes, all negative emotions occur simply because people deny what they truly want because they think they have no choice. But that simply isn’t true. We are creatures of free-will with unique personalities, gifts and talents. We do have freedom of choice. We have responsibilities and obligations, of course, but even those we can change  at any time, if we believe we can.

Science and spirituality are unanimous now…together we created the universe and we continue to create the universe  – every pimple and daffodil in it. The world is itself heaving with that evidence.

And it is true individually. A chair, a light-bulb and a technological revolution, a fashion trend,  began as just an idea in someone’s head before they came into physical evidence.  Thoughts create things. Emotions attract circumstances.

Passion makes babies, initiates social change, creates artistic masterpieces, raises pyramids and arabesques,..

Maybe you’re one of the questing ones who already aware of this but can’t figure out why you haven’t got what you want yet. Maybe you’re an open-minded, diligent creator who, in spite of goal setting, affirmations, faith, optimism and several career or relationship changes,  is still trying so hard to create a decent or better life.

But the good old law of attraction and any other principle that drives the cosmic engine, cannot work without just with one vital element. It is not a ‘Secret’ , but it escapes most people desiring success, like the end of their nose.

Without this one thing, worlds, light-bulbs, technological revolutions and happy-ever-after lives cannot come into existence. That thing is Passion.

Passion makes babies, initiates social change, creates artistic masterpieces, raises pyramids and arabesques, turns shellfish and potatoes into Moules-Frites, guitar and melancholy into Soul Music, doodles into iphones, builds bridges across ravines and bridges across self-doubt, sheep fur into a Chanel coat, digital pixels into the world’s biggest chat room..

With passion we discover that the  Milky Way has 2 layers of caramel, that dolphins have a sense of humour, that 6,000 feet of ice is actually feasible to climb, that there are 17 ways to jump onto a roof with a skateboard, and that whatever you want to achieve right now, is entirely possible if you are clear about what that is, make a decision to act on it in full knowledge of your power to create the life of your dreams and commit to doing it tirelessly for as long as it takes.

Passion is the key to making major life changes, initiating social change, creating a masterpiece, getting to the final of the X factor even though you’re overweight and spotty. Passion gets leg-less people to sprint with springs  attached to their stumps, doctors to swap organs from body to body, visionary races to build Greek Parthenons and quiet souls to cure disease.

Passion will take us out of every self-imposed mental and emotional prison cell, every challenge  that we manage to create for ourselves.

Passion is the  accelerator of the Law of Attraction (that which brings to us what we think about) and is the window to discover why we actually landed here in this space and time.  Passion is quite simply our destiny’s way of putting down little breadcrumbs on our life’s path, to guide us home.

And, of the 4 out of every 5 people who live passion-less lives, they will never find that ‘home’ where they can fulfil all of their human potential, realise all of their unique gifts.

How tragic is that?

So there is one more step, and one more reason to begin to find your passions, to align your life with your passions. There is one more clue to understanding that you can build your life loving what you do and doing what you love.

Because you’re worth it.

Because you came here to be the best that you can be,  and have a ball doing it!

Only you can decide. And you do that by looking in the mirror and seeing the answer to all your problems, to all your yearnings. You.

You are the love of your life and if anything tells you the contrary then it is likely that you will never ever achieve the goals you claim that you desire.

How tragic is that?

You are the love of your life, you deserve to do what you love and love what you do and Passion is the key.

Any question of ‘how?’  ‘When?’ ‘What if?’…can simply be answered by aligning yourself with what lights your fire and tweaking your life so that you keep striking the matches. (And there are plenty of those to prove it works!)

Because you’re worth it.

So now you know that your passion will help you create anything you desire, what are you waiting for to be in the top 20 percent of happy, fulfilled people who are truly content?

What are you waiting for to step out of crowd of every five,  and be the one that is totally, passionately, exquisitely in love with your life? What are you waiting for to swap learning how to create you finest life to LIVING your finest life?

Passion is your key and I’m holding it out to you with all my heart.

Jenni P

ACTion Passion 

Create Your Life as a Work of He’ART.

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Jenni Parker Brown aka The Dream Warrior, is Editor-in-Chief of ‘The Passion Test Daily’, founded by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood based on their New York Times Best-seller, The Passion Test. They are among the top 150 leaders in the world on Personal Development Business and are on Jack Canfield’s Transformational Leadership Council of leading edge Biz experts and visionaries.

Jenni P left the UK 20 years ago as a single mother with nothing but a Land Rover, to pursue her dream of Dancing with Horses. In fact she ended up having a lot of adventures and mis-adventures and turned her life around from depressed, bankrupt victim to creating the life of her dreams .

She  lives with the love of her life, in a Pyrenean Mountain Paradise, in the south of France, and has had just about every career under the sun, including founding The REAL Food Company and dancing in a Latin American Review .   Jenni (who still dances with horses) helps coaches, people helpers and anyone who wants to break through stuck-ness to get clear on their passions and align their life with them so that they can re-claim their power and purpose with joy and abundance.

Jenni is a published author and CEO of an online  Visionary Business Magazine, Passion Life Secrets, which helps entrepreneurs reveal their unique gifts, talents and power to build their ideal business. She is also an entertainer and speaker and workshop leader and is devoted to helping

‘Turn The Passion Statistics Upside Down’

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