The Association of Radical Midwives

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They are the midwives, student midwives and others within the UK that are committed to improving the maternity care provided by the NHS. They firmly believe that all woman have the right to a service which is tailored closer to their needs, as well as a more sympathetic attitude from their professional attendants. They are mainly a support group for people who are having difficulty getting or giving good personalised and sympathetic midwifery care. A few of them are working independently outside of the NHS in order to offer a much more woman centred, one-to-one style of practice which, at present is not widely available in the NHS maternity services. They have contacts and/or local groups spread all over the UK as well as man overseas members.

Their aim is to re-establish the confidence of the midwife in her own skills as an independent practitioner, to share ideals, skills and information. Encouraging midwives in their support of women’s active participation in birth, to reaffirm the need for midwives to provide continuity of the carer. To explore and support midwives in delivering an alternate set of patterns of care and to encourage the evaluation of developments within their field.


  • They offer over 50 local contacts spread around the UK, many with local groups which hold regular meetings
  • They have a quarterly journal called Midwifery Matters, also there are national meetings in different area of the country every quarter
  • They have two e-groups, ukmidwifery which in an open discussion group for women and midwives, and midwiferyuk which is a closed list for midwives only
  • They have a festival yurt which goes to different festivals and provides a good resource for pregnant woman and new mums
  • Their association also publishes two free information leaflets:
    • Choices in Childbirth
    • What is a Midwife

Membership fee:

There is an annual membership fee of £30. For students and unwaged it is £12.50.

Membership criteria:

Membership is available for midwives, student midwives and mums interested in childbirth and maternity issues.

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 07946392728

Telephone: 01865 248159

Click here to access their website.

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