The six reasons you are not being promoted (and what to do about it)

desk with laptop, promoted

You stay late at the office, produce consistent work and consider yourself to be an asset to the team.

However, once again a colleague has been promoted over you.

Being overlooked for promotion can lead to a knock in confidence, resentment and you disengaging from the workplace entirely. Here, health and wellbeing expert Jordan Carter at Gear Hungry presents the six likely reasons you are not being promoted and what to do about it.

Professional words travel

Employees can often make the mistake of presuming that the seniority of their role within the company dictates their level of professional conduct.  It is not uncommon for the workforce to assume that the higher you move up the ranks, the more professionalism you must adopt.  This mindset can hinder your chances of a promotion.

If you partake in office gossip or idly speak ill of the company, the assumption will be made that you are not committed and do not hold the maturity or professionalism to manage a senior role.

Adopt the same level of professionalism you would if you were in your ‘dream’ position.  When your peers are discussing who to promote, it will not just be the standard of your work that is considered but how your personality will align with the role.

Time is irrelevant

Your length of service does not serve as a free pass to promotion.  Unfortunately, time spent in the office does not reflect quality of work or your skillset.

If you have been overlooked for a promotion and you are preparing to discuss the reasoning behind the decision, do not use how long you have been at the company as a tool.   It is likely the decision makers are fully aware of how long you have been at the company.  Instead, showcase evidence of your skillset, how you have progressed in your time within the workplace and what your work equates to in revenue.

Ignorance is bliss

‘I thought that you was happy where you are’.  Ignorance is not always bliss.  If your colleague has been promoted over you, it may be because they voiced their willingness to progress within the company.  Do not assume that a promotion will just come to you if you wait long enough.

Every colleague should partake in a performance review at least once every 6 months.  If this is not initiated by your manager, then it is wise to request one for yourself.  Not only does this show initiative but also that you are willing to hear and manage constructive criticism.  It also presents the opportunity for you to voice your willingness to progress in the workplace.

Your work is great – your approachability is not

One person’s negative aura can have a detrimental effect on a workforce.  The quality of your work can be superb however, it can be the only thing that’s stopping the company from letting you go.

If you are consistently in a bad mood, sitting with your headphones on and not partaking in social activities, then the likelihood is you will not be promoted.  Senior members of staff must be approachable in order to mentor and mediate.  Always ensure that you hold a friendly manner that is consistent.

‘I am not arrogant’

If you are not shouting about your successes, you are also not being promoted.  Many feel that if they tell of their successes then it will be interpreted as arrogance by their colleagues.

Self-promotion is essential if you want to climb the ranks in a company.  You may believe that everyone must be aware of your accomplishments however, they are busy to.  Many only see what is directly around them so never assume that colleagues will simply ‘come across’ your wins.

Jordan Carter says, ‘ultimately, you have to discuss why you have been overlooked for promotion in a professional and constructive manner.  Do not get defensive and instead, implement a strategy that will aid in your progression’.

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