Tomorrow Global Leaders: How to build a culture that ensures women reach the top | Report

Tomorrows Global leadersThis is not another report about the ‘compelling business case for gender diversity’.  It is time to move beyond this. We can continue to worry about finding quantitative evidence about relative performance and whether groups with more or less women perform better or worse. But do we really want to waste any more talent while we do this? Or do we simply want to accept that the world is different, expectations are different and our style of work and our organisations need to be different. This report has been produced by Tomorrows Company in collaboration with extensive networking groups and corporations

Women are not a minority in the world and we should stop treating them as if they are. So one more time, and hopefully for the last time, there is a rational, legal and moral ‘business case’ for ensuring that women do not face any additional barriers or challenges to progressing in organisations. The same ‘case’ could also be applied to men. So let’s stop fretting about this, put it behind us and move forward.

View or download the report hereTomorrows_Global_Leaders_report_2014

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