Uncovering the gender pay gap in the UK | Infographic

According to the data revealed by the ONS, Britain has the fifth largest gender pay gap in Europe behind Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria, but ahead of countries like Poland and Greece.

In London, the gender pay gap has barely changed in over two decades, with full-time female employees earning 14.6% less per hour than their male counterparts.

This can be compared to 1997 when the gender gap sat at 15.1 % – which means it has narrowed by a mere 0.5% in twenty years. However due to the gap in male and female salaries, women start working for free in the UK from 10 November – a date that has remained the same in 2015 and 2016.

While the gender gap in the UK has been steadily closing, the average woman in the workplace still earns 9.1% less than the average man.

Instant Offices delves deeper into the issue of pay by gender in the UK and the steps that can be taken to bridge the gap.


Image credit: Instant Offices



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