Using traditional marketing methods to reach your target consumer

MarketingIn the digital age, when we’re asked about methods for marketing and branding our business, nine times out of ten we think about internet marketing.

While it is certainly important to consider the fast evolution of technology and its impact on business, forgetting about traditional forms of marketing is a huge mistake.

Traditional marketing such as with the use of printed materials is still a very beneficial form of getting recognized. To date, millions of business cards, postcards, flyers, and brochures circulate across the globe, bringing vital business to companies from all industries and sizes. Print materials are still a very effective marketing tool, and learning how to use those to your advantage can do wonders for your brand.

Understanding Your Options

When it comes to print marketing materials, the skies are certainly the limits. Whatever you can think about using to brand yourself can be used for the benefit of your business. Newsletters, brochures, business cards, post cards, flyers, and more can be easily and affordably created to meet the needs of your target consumer. Such supporting materials give you the confidence you need to communicate with your ideal customer. Determining which forms of printed materials you’re going to use is ideal.

Business cards – these are great for all occasions. Whether you’re at a conference or a networking event, having a few of these on hand can be great for giving out contact information to prospective customers.

Postcards – Does your business cater to a certain locality? Mailing out postcards to the community is a great way to spread the word about your business. List contact information, and even give a brief synopsis of how you can benefit the customer.

Brochures – Going to a trade show, job fair, or networking conference? Brochures are a professional way to showcase the key elements of your business. It provides an introduction to your company and gives interested parties tangible goods to hold onto and potentially pass on to others.

Work with the Best Printing Service Provider

In most cases, you won’t have the necessary equipment and resources to produce the type of prints you have in mind. For that reason, it is ideal to locate a company that offers custom commercial printing solutions to assist you. Such companies offer features that might include laminate, 3D printing, and a host of other services that will make your printed materials stand out from the rest.

Hiring tip: Before you hire just any printing service, be sure to review some of their previous work to ensure that it is of the best quality. Checking out review sites is another way to make sure that the company won’t disappoint.

Tracking Your Efforts

With any form of marketing it is key that you track your efforts to ensure that you’re investing in the right areas. For every business card that you hand out, keep track of how many individuals contact you. Or adding a survey to your landing page for customers to answer is another way to see which marketing materials are doing the most for your business.

Integrate Digital Methods

Everyone from your five year old niece to your 70 year old grandmother has some type of technology in your house, so it’s only right that you incorporate some modern trends into your traditional methods of marketing. For example, place QR codes on your flyers for Smartphone users to scan, or add your social media information to your postcards for individuals to connect with you online.

Print marketing is still relevant in today’s modern society. It continues to serve a great purpose for businesses of all magnitudes across the globe. If you’re planning to really make a name for yourself and your business it is necessary to incorporate various marketing techniques to ensure you reach consumers on various platforms. With effective strategies in place, you stand a better chance of gaining new customers.

By Ashley Andrews

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