What does your wardrobe say about you?


I read an interesting piece on Margaret Thatcher recently on how ‘her wardrobe was her armour. She had her signature style and a defiance in her presentation that was unmistakable, her USP in fact. Resolute, bold, unwavering and no-nonsense.

So I ask you what words would you use to conjure up your style. Forget the usual surface thoughts of classic, chic, boho, dig a little deeper. Your clothes do the talking for you before your open your mouth, clothes have a language, a way of being that should resonate with who you are but also give those around you a clear idea of what you stand for.

In a world where it’s increasingly important to be transparent, clear and honest, are you representing yourself authentically? Have you ever thought about the choices of clothes that you pick and the messages you choose to give off.

A stylist can tell you what to wear, what colours suit you, what cut to go for but more importantly you should embrace and take a stand for the messages you give off in the work place and in your life. Rather than be reliant on others to dictate how and what you should wear, give yourself the power to make the right choices and deliver a cohesive message about you, what you stand for and why,

I will be discussing how to build an authentic wardrobe that helps your communicate your values on May 14th alongside make up artist Natalie James. We will be giving practical tools and ideas on creating a wardrobe and make up bag that is professional, feminine and in line with your values. Why don’t you join us to learn more on how to ‘dress your values’ and give off the right signals. You are what you wear.

Well Being Business Centre
58 South Molton Street
W1K 5SL London
United Kingdom

Tuesday, 14 May 2013 from 18:30 to 20:30 – Click here to book

£20 including a glass of Prosecco. Only 15 tickets remaining.

Samantha Clarke is the founder of Zukuri UnLtd, the online destination for female entrepreneurs and professionals eager to ‘unmute’ and turn up the volume on their style, presentation and confidence for success.

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