Why it is so important to believe in yourself

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In believing in ourselves everything and anything is possible.

In believing in ourselves we can reach far out and make our dreams reality.

In believing in ourselves nothing becomes difficult.

Yes, the word ‘believe’ is quite important in our vocabulary.

Perhaps to become and be more aware what vocabulary we are using for ourselves, how are we approaching our thoughts and ideas?

Our mind is very powerful. Each word has its own frequency. Positive words travel in higher frequencies and negative words in lower frequencies.

So, how do we express ourselves? What language do we use to be heard and understood? Imagine what would happen using higher frequency words – how would our surroundings be? Then imagine, what would happen using lower frequency words… ?

Our mind can move mountains but also it can destroy our achievements too, in a heartbeat. To move mountains it takes time, persistence, patience, commitment and action; to destroy something it can be done in seconds.

So, please be aware of your behaviour:

The words that form the language of optimism are kindness and gratitude ‘the glass is half full’

The opposite is the pessimist ‘the glass is half empty’, the ‘I want’ or simply blaming others and not taking the responsibility for the actions.

The awareness plays a big part. It gives us the choice to choose consciously how to feed our mind. That means we can step up into high frequencies much easier and will be able to attract limitless opportunities. Of course, as life is, challenges will approach us, appear from nowhere. And yes, there will be self doubts, fear, discomfort etc. However, by believing and staying focused in ourselves, and still connected to the high frequencies, courage will grow which will lead to confidence and strength. The result is – your dream will become reality! Remember – stay focused, believe in yourself and anything and everything is possible.

Believing in you is one of the most beautiful gifts that you can give to yourself.

About Jasminka Hansson

Jasminka Hansson is the author of The Unseen Journey Within You (£12.99 Panoma Press). She is a specialist in revealing a person’s inner abilities and authentic ways and has helped women all over the world to regain their power and momentum in life. She does this by increasing their awareness about themselves and their lives to enable a more balanced and harmonious life. Jasminka is a seasoned artist who expresses her inner world through colours on canvas. She is a devoted mother and wife, and runs a successful health centre with her husband.

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