Women in ICT – Status and the way ahead | Gender report on Technology

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 14.16.16ICT is a key contributor to European productivity and competitiveness and it is vital that the technology sectors capitalise on the full potential of the workforce available. To meet the continuing growth in ICT we need to encourage more women to consider ICT related careers. Moreover, we need to promote the challenging and exciting opportunities offered in these fast moving technology sectors.

This report provides evidence of gender imbalances identified in the main activities that shape, create and manage new knowledge, processes, methods and systems. The data indicates that women are significantly under-represented in the business enterprise sector where the EU’s R&D is mostly intensive. A similar situation is noticeable in senior academic positions where future professionals are educated. Similarly, women are under represented in decision making positions where science and technology strategies are set, ICT policies are developed, and the agenda for the future is determined.

The statistical data presented cover the educational and professional path of women as well as their involvement in R&D ICT activities and their integration in the labour force.

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