Women should stand ‘like a man’ if they want to succeed in the workplace

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Women are more likely to succeed if they stand ‘like a man’, claims new research from University College London (UCL).

Scientists at the university have released new findings suggesting that women should stand with their feet shoulder-width apart in order to be taken seriously in the workplace.

The study showed a video to 1,500 men and women of an actress talking while standing in different ways. The volunteers were then asked to rate her on everything from attractiveness to intelligence.

The researchers then conducted a second study where 500 participants watched videos of actors and actresses. The results revealed that those striking a ‘power pose’ were deemed more confident, inspiring and leader-like.

The study also suggested that people’s opinions of a person would change if their physical appearance changes. The researchers added that, “it seems the way people look when words are spoken influences the way people interpret these words.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail, co-researcher in the study, Richard Newman said, “The findings show that if women can overcome their cultural conditioning and communicate using a stronger style, it could significantly increase their impact and influence and overall success in the workplace.”

“Gender should never be a barrier to your ideas being heard.”

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