Women’s Business Council: Maximising Women’s contribution to future economic growth

womensbuscouncil-reportimageThe UK faces unprecedented challenges in the current financial climate, with businesses operating in one of the toughest economic situations the UK has ever seen.

It has never been more important to fully capitalise on the skills and talents of all people, regardless of their gender. I passionately believe that by creating opportunity for all, raising aspirations and enabling people to maximise their talents, we will deliver stronger economic growth.

Today’s workforce is changing and is becoming more diverse, however further change is required to create a national skills base that can meet the demands of a global market. If we don’t take action to address this, the economic impact will be significant and we will lose competitiveness internationally.

It is for these reasons that the work of the Women’s Business Council could not be more timely.

Please read the full report here: Maximising Women’s contribution to future economic growth

June 2013

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