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Research shows that when there are more than 3 (3Plus) women at any level – there are significant changes to traditional male focused dynamics.   More than 3 women at any level can achieve significantly more than one lone woman in a group.

3Plus services to individuals   – will support, promote and sponsor women in a network of like-minded world class professional women, to achieve and accelerate their chosen career goals creating access to gender balanced short lists in major organisations. Check out our website , join us on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter

3Plus corporate services will support organisations creating a talent pipeline of top level female talent via mentoring, sponsorship and career management and development programmes.

3Plus Mini- Mentoring Event – a signature mini-mentoring event has been created and designed to encourage women to feel at ease networking strategically.

3Plus Mission

3Plus ensures aspiring women achieve their greatest potential at each and every stage of their careers. We also fill the talent pipeline with high achieving high potential women for companies and industries who know more women equals better business results.  To these ends we provide support from an international network of independent mentors, sponsors and peers available on-line and in the real world. They are each and all women worth knowing.

3Plus Mentors and Sponsors

Professional women serving the 3Plus network are:

  • Qualified, trained and certified as mentors and sponsors by 3Plus International
  • Highly accomplished, reputed and educated
  • Experienced mentors

Our mentors and sponsors are from:

  • Fortune 500 companies, SMES and the public sector
  • International, multi-cultural, and multilingual backgrounds
  • A variety of industries, sectors and disciplines

3Plus Services

Individual and corporate subscriptions give 3Plus members access to:

  • Discussions and events with 3Plus network of peers, mentors and sponsors (on-line and in-person)
  • Regular and ongoing support from a 3Plus mentor/sponsor selected for and by each individual based on career-stage, aspirations, function, and personal chemistry
  • Webinars and chat rooms
  • Mentor/Sponsor profiles
  • A web-based library of the most up to date articles and research about development and  career advancement for professional women

Consultations for companies and professional associations to:

  • Develop in-house mentoring and sponsorship programs
  • Provide established programs with needed upgrades, such as
    • Systems for matching mentor/sponsors and mentees
    • Mentor/sponsor training, certification and/or professionally facilitated peer supervision
    • Mentee training – “How to Get the Most from Mentoring”
    • Customized training programs for women, including:
      • Building Strategic Networks and Alliances
      • Increasing Professional Power and Influence
      • Becoming a Great Negotiator
      • Creating Brand You
      • Paying it Forward – Helping Other Women Up the Ladder

Corporate Members also have access to portfolios of world class women-worth-knowing in the 3Plus Talent Bank. These career professionals have been mentored, sponsored, groomed, reviewed and qualified for management, executive and board positions.

Why We Are 3Plus

  1. Three or more women on the team changes the conversation and creates greater value for the organization
  2. We are 3 co-founders and the sum of who we are collectively is greater than 3
  3. Three is both stable and a powerful source of energy – as in the tripod and the pyramid; as are we and the women worth knowing in the 3Plus network


If you would be interested in hosting a mini- mentoring event in your organisation or any of our other corporate services or individual please contact:

[email protected]  or  [email protected]

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